I had to get stitches in my manhood... (worst pain in my life)

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Tanner Fox

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Odd Guy
Odd Guy 9 órája
It's not good this happened to you but not gonna lie. I'm laughing really hard right now. Thank you for the sacrifice to make people feel better :).
FadedBoy 15 órája
4:42 : At that moment he knew he was f**ked
Larry Talbott
Larry Talbott Napja
How many want to kiss it and make it well?
Aaron Crane
Aaron Crane 2 napja
What if the doctor was a girl?
Martin Munoz
Martin Munoz 2 napja
O funk
meow! 4 napja
you shall know pain
Drovely 4 napja
They invented ball protection for a reason in sports.
Mateo Miranda
Mateo Miranda 4 napja
Da yeeter Yeet yeet YEET
Da yeeter Yeet yeet YEET 6 napja
Also the tittle should have been tanner fox became a girl lol 😂
Da yeeter Yeet yeet YEET
Da yeeter Yeet yeet YEET 6 napja
Bruhhhhhhhhhhhh I thought it was in his stomach
E Burdick
E Burdick 6 napja
I love you and the guys
Noobel RBLX
Noobel RBLX 7 napja
Seth Schumacher
Seth Schumacher 7 napja
Poor nuts...
Pamela Bewley
Pamela Bewley 8 napja
Hahahahahahahahaha, I'm recovering from a super major surgery and your video made me laugh, so sorry it hurt you and hope your well by now! I'm gonna have to subscribe to your channel! Hahahahahahaha
bowser man99
bowser man99 8 napja
4:42 there ya go
Phillippa Kerry
Phillippa Kerry 9 napja
Holy carp Bru hope your nuts r ok
dom gaming
dom gaming 10 napja
At least u still have it
Raygan Meredith
Raygan Meredith 10 napja
I'm glad I'm a girl
Amber Marie Lewis
Amber Marie Lewis 10 napja
Only Tanner. Lol
Quakes EZ
Quakes EZ 10 napja
Welp, he can't have kids now
Michael Unger
Michael Unger 11 napja
Hope your balls get better
Hania Cortez
Hania Cortez 11 napja
Lol all the names tanner named his nuts: Little tanner Manhood Funk Nut/ Nuts Ball / Balls Shocks This man got names ( MANY )
Volkom 12 napja
Got some stuff to put on my little Tanner
Reper Mcpeep
Reper Mcpeep 12 napja
And the doctors a girl 😉😉😉
Reper Mcpeep
Reper Mcpeep 12 napja
You got a ball buster lol 😂 hope it gets better
UFO 12 napja
No children oof
Juan Molina
Juan Molina 12 napja
Yo this video should had to been called no more baby’s for me
Hello 12 napja
I literally felt the pain.
Ryder Noah
Ryder Noah 13 napja
I have some thing to put on you know my little tanner XD
Braylon Morrow
Braylon Morrow 13 napja
Tanner fox vs pogo stick to who wins Pogo stick
Evelyn Scheer
Evelyn Scheer 13 napja
Cory aka Corey funk NEEDS to go there
Chase Jasper
Chase Jasper 15 napja
Mines even worst I got hit by a sword in my balls
Kabeer Ahmed
Kabeer Ahmed 15 napja
Colt Stayner
Colt Stayner 16 napja
Ur insane sam
ty wieland
ty wieland 16 napja
Tainer Vape‘s?
gang war
gang war 17 napja
bye bye kids
Jeremiah Lucas
Jeremiah Lucas 17 napja
At 1:02 he lowkey looks like Justin bieber
Airsoft Cheeko
Airsoft Cheeko 17 napja
Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926
Kendall Goddard
Kendall Goddard 18 napja
he seemed so happy about the stitches in his nuts😭
Abonnees 18 napja
Yoo wait did the girl the stitches
Abonnees 18 napja
Nooo dude I can already feel it
Colton Kroll
Colton Kroll 18 napja
When he broke his ball I was like is the phone ok I hope it’s not cracked but then I heard that his nuts were broken
YoutubeZexo 19 napja
Did anyone see the vape next to tanner??
Carmello 19 napja
Du-Hein 19 napja
Ooooof I can just imagine that😭😭
Kavon Ammons
Kavon Ammons 19 napja
For some reason I feel like I did that like my balls hurt
BoyDark 19 napja
I felt that first one
jahkee carr
jahkee carr 19 napja
well i guess we see why u havent tried a pogo stick in years lol
Chona Matto
Chona Matto 19 napja
That hurts
David-Mihai N
David-Mihai N 19 napja
I could feel it... 🥲
ICE _sol0
ICE _sol0 21 napja
hope you are ok
Pablo Mejia
Pablo Mejia 21 napja
The fact that you know what’s going to happen and they don’t and you can’t say anything is very weird
Christopher Bryant
Christopher Bryant 21 napja
Logan Paul speaks of a similar experience.
Connor O'Sullivan
Connor O'Sullivan 21 napja
Owww that hurt
versan cubes
versan cubes 21 napja
bruh it looks like a sword on the Thumbnail
Kristen Hamby
Kristen Hamby 22 napja
Yo tanner I can’t even believe that kid with the skateboard I watched that fifty times RIP tanner’s manhood😂😂
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 22 napja
All the boys: There is a disturbance in the Force.
shazia anas
shazia anas 22 napja
Anyone realize that the chair said ssg which means space station gaming
Greg Clark
Greg Clark 23 napja
Are you okay
Pieper Kids
Pieper Kids 23 napja
Bro my uncle did the same thing but on a bike seat and he tried to hide it from his mon ska my grandma!
David Lowery
David Lowery 23 napja
I had to get stitches in my manhood lol hope your balls get better
Jahmayne Kamo
Jahmayne Kamo 23 napja
hope your nut get better soon bro
Devin Fox
Devin Fox 24 napja
I almost threw up 🤢
Tommy Kovachik
Tommy Kovachik 24 napja
Scariest moment ever😬😬😬😳😳😳
Cookie 24 napja
He’s not having kids
Surf Side Hotel
Surf Side Hotel 24 napja
4:40 for lazys
Alexson Merom
Alexson Merom 26 napja
You have explode your balloon
illegal sk8
illegal sk8 27 napja
All of the men and boys feel it through the screen but day bye to your kids
Levi Kunkel
Levi Kunkel 27 napja
I got in a bike accident and got 4 stitches down their so I felt that one
Xtreme Rc
Xtreme Rc 27 napja
Super smush bros 😂😭
Simona Njie
Simona Njie 27 napja
Jesus criste
Dylan Vandercreme
Dylan Vandercreme 28 napja
If that happend to me I would throw up and it’s happend before
Dylan Vandercreme
Dylan Vandercreme 28 napja
Hope your ok❤️
love cats and dogs
love cats and dogs 28 napja
Bro sorry I got to this late but I hope your nuts are ok I love that black hat so I'm going to look into it but I might get it.
Marlee Skinner
Marlee Skinner 28 napja
He’s on his piewrid
Jessica Winsworth
Jessica Winsworth 29 napja
Gena Longanecker
Gena Longanecker 29 napja
T FOX❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
FLIX_Kaden 29 napja
Henriqueta Desouza
Henriqueta Desouza 29 napja
DylanRamsey15 29 napja
I feel bad tanner
thats why u dont use a pogo stick
Quintin Peterson
Quintin Peterson Hónapja
Bro I feel it I blew out my left but on a dirtbike bro
Branden McDole
Branden McDole Hónapja
Me laughing and holding AND CRYING while holding my nuts
Erdna Kruger
Erdna Kruger Hónapja
Nononononononono This vedio is wrong
ItzzLunar Hónapja
It was all fine until the rebound came into action....
Sadie Almengor
Sadie Almengor Hónapja
what song is that by 347aidan?
Ben Finch
Ben Finch Hónapja
Pedro Chapa
Pedro Chapa Hónapja
Iordanis 13
Iordanis 13 Hónapja
Bro, every guy out there felt the same pain.......
Brenda Wilkie
Brenda Wilkie Hónapja
I did the same thing when i was 6
Adog_Har 1111
Adog_Har 1111 Hónapja
Tanner non binary who new
Jeremiah Moore
Jeremiah Moore Hónapja
This video makes my body feel numb
lucastheboss 46
lucastheboss 46 Hónapja
We must remember this as the tanner testicle terror of twenty twenty two
Shyam Gangurde
Shyam Gangurde Hónapja
O that hurt hope ur balls get better
Oscar FN Zentra_Oscar
Oscar FN Zentra_Oscar Hónapja
I had to look at them after that
nater potater
nater potater Hónapja
“kids” left the chat
E Kumar
E Kumar Hónapja
Krystal Hónapja
Because I love you GTR and I love you
Krystal Hónapja
Where do you live
Krystal Hónapja
I love you Tanner Fox
I owe you an explanation...
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