My 21st Birthday Got Out Of Hand

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Tanner Fox

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My 21st Birthday Got Out Of Hand
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LIPBYTE 3 napja
Acting like a legitimate sober kid before hitting 21, thats the real definition of a savage hahaha
E Burdick
E Burdick 6 napja
You look so young and adorable and cute
You Broke It!
You Broke It! 10 napja
31st October 2015
Spencer Araujo
Spencer Araujo 12 napja
I’ve been watching ur vids since I was 8 and now I’m 14
Airsoft Cheeko
Airsoft Cheeko 17 napja
Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926
Ucuqigocu I
Ucuqigocu I 22 napja
You have grown since the age of 18. You probably won't change anymore, but at 18 you looked like a teenager.
Blue Blades
Blue Blades 29 napja
get stuck in big tenet get flew out!!!!
Iordanis 13
Iordanis 13 Hónapja
If he was drinking for the first time and especially Vodka, he couldn't even drink a little bit of that bro....
Hayden MacDonald
Hayden MacDonald Hónapja
Happy bday
Ben Sammon
Ben Sammon Hónapja
No way, my birthday is 1 day after yours 😁😁
JackTheCuber Hónapja
This video makes me feel old dude just know ive been here since the beginning love your content
Clo St-G_wdw
Clo St-G_wdw Hónapja
Geez vodka is the most infect thing to got shooter of😂 at least it wasn't true
Knaby 142
Knaby 142 Hónapja
You slightly look like Justin beiber . Do crazy shit like Logan Paul
Joseph Richichi
Joseph Richichi 2 hónapja
I’ve been watching the channel for has to be 8-9 years now, tanner you are dope bro the way you carry yourself and all is dope much love!
Tyler Damewood
Tyler Damewood 2 hónapja
i don,t think so
Sick_Lad_polairity 2 hónapja
I’ve been watching you since I was 5 1/2 and I’m 12 now
colton patterson
colton patterson 2 hónapja
I’m 11 years old.
Lachlan Marshall
Lachlan Marshall 2 hónapja
I just realized, Tanner has the same bday as me!
Sweaty Zoot
Sweaty Zoot 2 hónapja
David was loaded 🤣
Hockey336 Dom
Hockey336 Dom 2 hónapja
Wasted the whole effin bottle
C B H 2 hónapja
The fact that he doesn't look or sound a day over 16...
PapiAdyN 2 hónapja
Imagine someone broke into tanners house just to steel the signature door😁
Bashar Mina
Bashar Mina 2 hónapja
He’s still 21?
LilAut2456 2 hónapja
I remember watching well before the car crash off the cliff/mountain, my sub time wouldn't say it cause in on a different amount but it feels like I've seen u and ur friends grow so much
Chris Lyttle
Chris Lyttle 2 hónapja
Boston MacGregor
Boston MacGregor 2 hónapja
i have been watching since i was 11 now i am 16
tyler heath
tyler heath 2 hónapja
been watching u since i was 7 now im 14
michael dayer
michael dayer 2 hónapja
Tanner when you called them your thing is drug dealer
Christian I
Christian I 2 hónapja
11:01 song?
Oscar Saucedo
Oscar Saucedo 2 hónapja
Who the fuck drinks straight vodka ?!
MitsuGarage 2 hónapja
Been watching your videos ones I was 25. I’m 30 now. I was already grown you could say. But we are always still growing up right?
bryce roush
bryce roush 2 hónapja
i’ve been watching you for 6 years man 2015 i was 9 and now 2021 i’m 15
FNC_ DrewSki
FNC_ DrewSki 2 hónapja
no way your 21 already
Luca Gonzalez
Luca Gonzalez 2 hónapja
Shariff the sh*t
Legit Gaming
Legit Gaming 2 hónapja
He looks 14
Legit Gaming
Legit Gaming 2 hónapja
Ur 21?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?
Ace YEG 2 hónapja
manz acts like he has never drank before.. nobody belive you lmao
Kiera Fan
Kiera Fan 2 hónapja
Has anyone told you you look like justin bieber
Hitzlike Coya
Hitzlike Coya 2 hónapja
So we are just not going to talk about 6:15 ? Like wtf is going on
The Webbie Show
The Webbie Show 3 hónapja
Joel On Ipad Fortnite
Joel On Ipad Fortnite 3 hónapja
I have watch you sense 4 or 5 million subscribe
Arhab Shawketh
Arhab Shawketh 3 hónapja
I sub when you had 2 subscribees
Diego Viego
Diego Viego 3 hónapja
Diego video wisn yande
Maitland Hanley
Maitland Hanley 3 hónapja
I was 21 once
Valente Ramirez
Valente Ramirez 3 hónapja
Bruh their just white claws 🤣
Monsta Monstas
Monsta Monstas 3 hónapja
Shot gunning seltzers... Pussies. Happy birthday my G
Dominic Todd
Dominic Todd 3 hónapja
Tanner birthday is just girls and drinks maybe drugs!!
Dakota Carter Vlogs
Dakota Carter Vlogs 3 hónapja
Woah I’ve never seen someone shotgun a red bull that easy 😂😂
Teddy Radetich
Teddy Radetich 3 hónapja
glad to see you back on the scooter. ive been subbed since webisode 3
Mindy Hines
Mindy Hines 3 hónapja
Yo I love u tanner pls like this bro It will mean everything and have a good day😀😇
Frostyair24 Yt
Frostyair24 Yt 3 hónapja
Dam I reamber from 2015
Triix 3 hónapja
I met you at az grind twice years ago😂
chris 3 hónapja
I’ve been watching since I was 6 I’m 13 now bro keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ascends 3 hónapja
who else has been subbed since he was 16
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson 3 hónapja
My dog birthday today two old
Jack Fletcher
Jack Fletcher 3 hónapja
Throwback to webeisod 1
GINGIEZ 3 hónapja
Tanner my guy have u seen the age in which Scottish people start drinking ( 13)
LB Clan
LB Clan 3 hónapja
ALEXIS TAPIA 3 hónapja
like bru
ALEXIS TAPIA 3 hónapja
this got 666 vyous
Yachaazaqalha Askari
Yachaazaqalha Askari 3 hónapja
sameer Singh
sameer Singh 3 hónapja
A whole bottle of vodka huh and you waste it
10gro 3 hónapja
hes gonna be demonitisd in two days
Riley Gibson
Riley Gibson 3 hónapja
This is demonetized
Chantal Kozinski
Chantal Kozinski 3 hónapja
Ive been watching your videos since i was 5 now im 12 i love your vids!!
Ninjagamer 3 hónapja
Import man
Import man 3 hónapja
Go back on his 10 mil he drank that champagne
Justin Deaton
Justin Deaton 3 hónapja
I remember when this dude was 16
Sean Bomar
Sean Bomar 3 hónapja
For a horizon 4 respect
Zach Aylward
Zach Aylward 3 hónapja
Tanner did anyone tell u its alcohol abuse when u poor it down the sink
Angie Haucke
Angie Haucke 3 hónapja
i have been watching you since i was 5 i am now 10
Hows the cherry
Shmully Designs
Shmully Designs 3 hónapja
Tanner Fox and boosted boi Kyle scooter comp needs to happen
Tyler Wheeler
Tyler Wheeler 3 hónapja
you just wasted a whole fucking bottle of voddy. wtf
Belal Mohammad
Belal Mohammad 3 hónapja
nightride 3 hónapja
Bruh.. Here in Serbia in age of 21 we are treated alcoholics 😂
Reuben Williams 12
Reuben Williams 12 3 hónapja
It’s funny Becuase we in the Uk have been doing this in fields since we were 12
TheToughPony 3 hónapja
If u ain’t 13 you know tanners partied it up before his 21st
SpreadthatChili 3 hónapja
How do..u do a backflip with a scooter ...
Rayce Cawley
Rayce Cawley 3 hónapja
Wtf a dude just showed up to the skate park on a Honda crf 110
Timothy Cushman
Timothy Cushman 3 hónapja
I have been watching seicne I was 12 and I'm 16
Tripp Theis
Tripp Theis 3 hónapja
My birthday is December 21
Jackson Witsell
Jackson Witsell 3 hónapja
The amount of times I heard my angles better
pa locals
pa locals 3 hónapja
Good to see scooter clips!
Adam Mullins
Adam Mullins 3 hónapja
Your birthday is a day after my one
Ray Cruz
Ray Cruz 3 hónapja
Don’t judge hes shots he is a scooter kiddd
Guadalupe Diaz
Guadalupe Diaz 3 hónapja
Isaiah Dean
Isaiah Dean 3 hónapja
Only true fox fam remember doing your dares
Failure xXx17
Failure xXx17 3 hónapja
Can’t hang buddy💀just stick with water 🥂
KensethM 3 hónapja
He shoot gunned that beer like he has done it before 😐 😂
Saint Hadwin
Saint Hadwin 3 hónapja
Idk how to say this but how do I become you and your life
angel townsend
angel townsend 3 hónapja
We turned 21 the same day lol
Sam Balsamo
Sam Balsamo 3 hónapja
I’ve been watching since i was 12, now 17 but don’t exactly remember first video I watched, just remember it was one with Rocco
William LZ
William LZ 3 hónapja
I hav been for so long
Coop YT
Coop YT 3 hónapja
Yooo Can everyone Please go subscribe subscribe to me HUload channel Coop YT places when i get to 50 subscribers i will give away a brand new xbox
Obed Tshiebwe
Obed Tshiebwe 3 hónapja
Is it just me or do all of us know that that's not Redbull
king._.3dghill_cid 3 hónapja
getting injuries is Tanner Fox's daily routine
xd_Thunder 3 hónapja
Dang you’re 21 years old. I still remember when you were 17
Noah Fichlie
Noah Fichlie 3 hónapja
Yo can you come to Florence skate park please it is my dream to meet you
Areah Ramdeen
Areah Ramdeen 3 hónapja
is it just me or everytime tanner did a trick your stomach dropped
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