Taking Delivery Of My WideBody 1000HP Lamborghini! (DREAM COME TRUE)

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Tanner Fox

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Taking Delivery Of My WideBody 1000HP Lamborghini! (DREAM COME TRUE)
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Spacecatkelly Napja
I don’t like yo vids
Dazed 6 napja
You called it a s14/240sx the s14 variant is a 200sx and the variant of a 240sx is a s13 just thought I’d let you know
Just Gaming
Just Gaming 6 napja
Can you please send me a scooter I've been watching you since you started HUload you always make my days
Harley Shepard
Harley Shepard 7 napja
Maybe pick your sister up from school on a Rolls-Royce
Orange Squad YT!!
Orange Squad YT!! 9 napja
Hi I’m new I’ve just subbed and I will start watching your vids
Lucas B
Lucas B 10 napja
I just moved out here I’ll keep a look out for a yellow lambo!
Lucas B
Lucas B 10 napja
Oh shit I live right next to that view
Gael Valdez
Gael Valdez 12 napja
Where is the GTR it
Kolt Johnson
Kolt Johnson 12 napja
Did you buy the car a or your dad?
bruh moment
bruh moment 13 napja
Be careful not to burn the engine 👀🥶
bruh moment
bruh moment 13 napja
You look like a mix of Logan paul and Justin bieber after his breakdown
Chachi Chooch
Chachi Chooch 14 napja
Show offs go to HELL muahahaha
jay taylor
jay taylor 15 napja
“Thats not nature thats someones avacado farm” LOL
Airsoft Cheeko
Airsoft Cheeko 17 napja
Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926
andrew joseph cabili
andrew joseph cabili 19 napja
Wow nice car 😎😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩
Minecraft nerd Batsmannan
Minecraft nerd Batsmannan 21 napja
Race against jakes Lamborghini
Artyom Xachatryan
Artyom Xachatryan 21 napja
The Slim Rabbit Shaarav
The Slim Rabbit Shaarav 21 napja
Sup New Lambo
Shakeel Ownhouse
Shakeel Ownhouse 22 napja
8:30, the song is Steele 11 - Like Dat!
Perla Corona
Perla Corona 22 napja
Raya C
Raya C 22 napja
Damn I commented the cars name before you said it. I'm psychic.
Raya C
Raya C 23 napja
Jorge Quijada
Jorge Quijada 23 napja
Nice video.
I kinda Suck
I kinda Suck 23 napja
You should get a JDM car
Isfan Alexandru
Isfan Alexandru 27 napja
Your puberty spots are still there and you drive a lambo and brag like a 12yo, hmm
Ty Lightfoot
Ty Lightfoot 29 napja
I just realized I’m taller then tanner and I’m hyped af
Oscar Jakobsen
Oscar Jakobsen Hónapja
One rude car its spitting on the road!
Sheyla Rivera
Sheyla Rivera Hónapja
Itsme Yepitsme
Itsme Yepitsme Hónapja
Needs to be matt black????
DoomedxAlchemy Hónapja
My mans said 50 germs lol
Niko Mi
Niko Mi Hónapja
Why this lambo look so ugly
Python Hónapja
Your merch is SOOOOO!! drip
bruhh Hónapja
"theyre gonna need more than a telescope"
michael rodriguez
michael rodriguez Hónapja
Bro IS THAT A SUPRA?! time at 20.337
Joseph Anguiano
Joseph Anguiano Hónapja
8:34 mark what's dumps out the exhaust ? Unburnt fuel?
Kerrie Diepenbrock
Kerrie Diepenbrock Hónapja
Sick bro
help me get 12k without videos
help me get 12k without videos Hónapja
have a great day
Devon F
Devon F Hónapja
that wing is so ugly
Vision Media
Vision Media Hónapja
Bro set them air heights. Or better yer fuck them off altogether.
Aidden Linton
Aidden Linton Hónapja
Lord Queefius
Lord Queefius Hónapja
your gay
Lord Queefius
Lord Queefius Hónapja
i hate you so much
Zaheer Khan
Zaheer Khan Hónapja
i love ur video bro ur great inspirations for alot of people . love wat u do .
Aiden James
Aiden James Hónapja
#FedEx photo bombs
Nicolas Granda
Nicolas Granda Hónapja
Gah damn too many cut scenes lol
Lee Stephen
Lee Stephen Hónapja
🎉 congrats.
Semaj yo
Semaj yo Hónapja
Lmao it looks cool without the bumper I would be salty
jennifer sprague
jennifer sprague Hónapja
This thing needs a new tune.
Enrico Hónapja
15:07 your problem is that you think girls turn the heads at the car. You will get 99% guys necks either car guys or people going "and wtf is that thing?" Lol
for your road trip problem look at alex choi's lambo he had a roof rack for his trunk space "Love the car"
Not Sen3z
Not Sen3z Hónapja
5:09 FED EX
Tube Zen
Tube Zen Hónapja
correction i'm wrong brand name..my bad
Tube Zen
Tube Zen Hónapja
luv the vids bro .. rode is spelled road.. ur mic
Gossip pill
Gossip pill Hónapja
So happy for tanner finally bought is own lambo... more to come bro 🔥
kenneth torrevillas
kenneth torrevillas Hónapja
serg1otv Hónapja
Shad0w Hónapja
Where do these youtubers get there money from! 😶
Jeter Z
Jeter Z Hónapja
Fuck You
Fuck You Hónapja
Nooo take the rear bumper off looks better
Clo St-G_wdw
Clo St-G_wdw Hónapja
Nice Hurricon! 💎
R boiz Gaming
R boiz Gaming Hónapja
Stradman you and carter should race
Joe Poznik
Joe Poznik Hónapja
Super random but, the same version of his car but in red, is in the Pop Star music video lol. Dope!
Jaddon Ernst
Jaddon Ernst Hónapja
Oooooo he got that lamb
austin tsang
austin tsang Hónapja
Get a lift in the garage!! :)
Aviation Enthusiast
Aviation Enthusiast Hónapja
nice lb silhouette huracan coupe
Haulass 101
Haulass 101 Hónapja
Am I the only one who thinks that this body kit makes it look almost identical to the Lamborghini veneno roadster?
Michael McAuley
Michael McAuley Hónapja
ugliest lamborghini i’ve seen
Mason Smith
Mason Smith Hónapja
😮car content? Got my subscription😆👍
Deiondre Thomas
Deiondre Thomas Hónapja
Justin Bieber lookin ass😂
Adam Sayed
Adam Sayed Hónapja
Can u come to San Antonio i wish I could meet u
Brandon Wong
Brandon Wong Hónapja
race TJ fr bro
OGJiroSsj4JV -
OGJiroSsj4JV - 2 hónapja
Daim that's a sexy lambo
Aiden Chapstick
Aiden Chapstick 2 hónapja
Bro carbon shadow rims on that would be nutty
Angel Montesdeoca
Angel Montesdeoca 2 hónapja
Do a galaxy wrap on the Lambo
Angel Montesdeoca
Angel Montesdeoca 2 hónapja
Galaxy wrap on the Lambo
3rdhardyboy _
3rdhardyboy _ 2 hónapja
Car looks sick but the yellow on the bumper looks off from the hood on camera 😭
Charlie TURVEY
Charlie TURVEY 2 hónapja
You should race rug
dD Lithuania
dD Lithuania 2 hónapja
Whats the point of 1000hp if its RWD.
Andy Bencomo
Andy Bencomo 2 hónapja
What kind of lambo is it ?
Abraham Martinez
Abraham Martinez 2 hónapja
Why does tanner try to be his friend wit that hair style
Kezla 2 hónapja
Remember watching this kid in 2019
Leo 2 hónapja
show it without the rear bumper if you know how to remove it
Gabrielle Buenavente
Gabrielle Buenavente 2 hónapja
Can someone tell me how old he is
Lazyboy237 2 hónapja
Hey Tanner sick ass car, I work for Vivint & would like to fly out & hook your house up with a New smart home system
Elcome 2 hónapja
Be honest who has watched for a long time
Tony Cooper
Tony Cooper 2 hónapja
Testify XL
Testify XL 2 hónapja
this kids gonna wreck it
Testify XL
Testify XL 2 hónapja
spoiled little kids
Money Loaf
Money Loaf 2 hónapja
I would not want a wide body
Fabricio Espinoza
Fabricio Espinoza 2 hónapja
Were is the gtr
Gabrielle F.
Gabrielle F. 2 hónapja
what's the song of when you were driving it
Jaylon Blaylock
Jaylon Blaylock 2 hónapja
I’m not the only one who saw TJ hunts sold yellow Lambo Aventador 3:33
million127 2 hónapja
i would lose that rear spoiler bro
Tatum belt
Tatum belt 2 hónapja
Don’t wrap the lambo it’s so hit already
King Ross
King Ross 2 hónapja
That look like a Lego car
Rezulhaa Yarjan
Rezulhaa Yarjan 2 hónapja
Btw its a replica
Shadow Man
Shadow Man 2 hónapja
Вы который читаете мой комментарий! Да Вы! Счастья и Здоровья вам.
________ 2 hónapja
the wheels look odd
nico5330 nico5330
nico5330 nico5330 2 hónapja
Jon Hebert
Jon Hebert 2 hónapja
"iF i Go On A rOaD tRiP" whyyyy would u do that lol
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